Hard Times, Hard Luck, Good People

It isn’t hyperbole. Many of us are one lost pay-period away from serious financial distress. It isn’t exaggeration. Many of us are one unforeseen major expense away from economic desolation.

The company down-sizes. We get laid off. A major household appliance breaks down. Heaven forbid-a spouse, a child, or even we suffer a traumatic injury or life-threatening illness.

Each day, good, hardworking people seek cash loans pasedena tx. Oil fields close. Related industries suffer, as do service industry workers when restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment venues close.

It isn’t a question of good people versus bad people, or hard-working people versus lazy people. Unexpected events come crashing down on people every day. We can plan, but only so much. Life happens, and life happens fast.

Anyone can come to a point in life where they need a helping hand, shared strength to get back up. If people could only realize that we all stand frail before the same forces stronger than any one of us, we might be less judgmental of others, and more likely to seek help when fate deems it’s our turn to face hardship.

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Sometimes, we fall behind, but not terribly behind. We aren’t facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, but we do need an extra infusion of capital to keep the bills paid on time. Often, we have every paycheck budgeted to the penny, and suddenly we face an unforeseen expenditure.

Small loans of a thousand dollars or so, perhaps the equivalent of what we make in a pay period, can get us through a rough patch, and stave off looming disaster. Of course, too many unsecured loans will only pile on debt and lead to lost income. Used sparingly, loans can give us hope to make it to a new month.