Harrisburg bail bondsman

Why use a Bondsman to Get Out of Jail?

August 22, 2018 Harrisburg bail bondsman

If you’re arrested and put in jail, the judge will provide a bond amount on the charge. If you pay this amount to the court, you can get out of jail until your court date. At the court appearance, the healing takes place to decide your fate. The amount of the bond is determined by the criminal charge and your prior criminal history.  Nonetheless, the amount is oftentimes one that is too much for the average person to pay. Luckily, a Harrisburg bail bondsman has the solution.

Harrisburg bail bondsman

Use a bondsman service and pay just 10% of the ordered bond amount, in addition to a small bondsman fee. So, a $25,000 bond requires a $2,500 payment, plus the bondsman fee, to get out of jail. It is much cheaper than paying the total bond amount and there are many other advantages that come when a bondsman is used for a bail bond First, you’ll be free from the confinement of jail much sooner when a bondsman signs the bail. Second, the bondsman is there to answer questions and otherwise assure you during this difficult time, which makes things much easier.

A bondsman will help you get out of jail, regardless of the criminal charge you face. However, if you’ve ever skipped out on bond in the past, do not expect to find a bondsman who is willing to sign a bond for you a second time so easily. Make sure to abide by all of the rules in the bond contract that you sign when using a bail bondsman. It protects everyone in the situation and prevents future trouble. Besides, you cannot run from your problems because they’ll follow you wherever you go. It is easier to address them and deal with them than deal with the repercussions.