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Getting The Most Out Of Every Squat

August 14, 2018 exercise board

Squats are great exercise. They work calf muscles, glutes, hamstrings and core back muscles. They improve balance, they add years and maintain mobility and body strength.

The more you do the better they are for you, and after you stop they continue to burn calories. What is not to love?

Upping the ante on squats

Not surprisingly exercise technologies have looked to find ways in which they can improve the humble squat.  In a lot of ways this makes good sense. To be effective a squat must be correct. Your weight needs to be properly distributed on your feet and your toes should remain independent.

Can technology help?

An exercise board is one way in which technology can help get the squat right. Guiding you to position the feet correctly and immediately indicating when your balance is not correct, an exercise board helps make sure that your back is correctly straight too.

Adapted weight machines also can help. There are several weight machines which are variations on a theme of a squat. Often they position the body in a way to ensure the spine is straight, or that the bend comes from the hip.

The good thing about adding the weight resistance is the way in which it either builds muscle or adds tone, whichever of the two you’re looking to achieve.

Resistance bands can also help increase the intensity in one specific area, you get the full squat effect but increase it in the quads for example.

Whatever you choose – do squats

exercise board

Even if you only do squats while you wait for the coffee to brew in the morning, do some squats. If you’re over 40 really, do some squats. Keeping strength in your hip-flexors, quads and hamstrings is really essential for long-term health.